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Mentawais - Sunset Session

Warm blue water, Palm Tree coastlines & Incredible surf .
Late season adventure searching for surf in the Mentawai islands off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia.
A beautiful morning surf session got me excited to shoot some photos in the afternoon, a drop in the swell during the day left us with some smaller waves at Beng Beng for the late, but capped off with an amazing sunset and ready for another day.

Bondi - SpringRise

Today is “R U OK?” day, and it marks a time to really be conscious of your fellow human, check in, show someone you care and they are cared about. Depression is rampant in society, its a illness thats hidden from view and is often unnoticed until something heavy happens, don’t let someone fall by the wayside simply because they thought no-one cared .. 

"are you ok ?"  some important words that can really change someones day, someones life.

Maroubra - Warm & Grey Spring Day 

Spring has arrived, generally my favourite time of year.
The air gets warmer, landscape gets greener, people get happier
and the surf gets real fun, still plenty of swell and offshore mornings to keep everyone stoked.
Not an epic morning for light, but some great little waves around, 3ft, brushed with a light W wind.
The mornings can be hard to get up, leaving the warmth of bed to venture outside isn’t most peoples idea of fun, but after having done so it all feels worthwhile, drag yourself up for a sunrise sometime soon, I guarantee that its the best way to kick off your day..

Morning Gloryville

Put on some bright threads, 
and something colourful for your head.
Slip in your dancing shoes,
bring a smile and positive attitude.
Wednesday sunrise, lets not behave
Morning Gloryville, Time to Rave!

Bondi - The Dichotomy of a Grey Fluro Friday

Even against the dark grey morning sky,
Bit of colour and a smile can brighten the day.

Bondi - Mining for Gold

the morning illuminates the relationship between the earth and ocean.
water caressing the coastline, its deep blue stillness composing the sound of peace.
a still mind,
a sound heart,
a loving soul.

Bondi - The Fluro Surf Tribe

Another crazy beautiful winters day, 
Sunrise, Surf, Rinse, Repeat.
Stay Stoked & Smile

Bondi - Winter/Summer ?

True blissful happiness is available to everyone.
It doesn’t involve owning the latest shit, buying the best clothes or having the most money, but with a few simple steps you can throw into your daily routine, you can be on the path to finding some daily happiness to enjoy, even if for a moment, even amongst the chaos life throws in the mix.

- Smile / sometimes a hard thing to do, especially if your resting face doesn’t automatically smile,  even a bit of a forced one can turn into a real one, it sounds silly but by activating those muscles in your face that cause you to smile at least half the work is done, its the real physical aspect to being happy, and the more you do it, the easier it is.
- Gratitude / find something to be thankful for each day, it can be anything really, but put your heart into it. Simply acknowledging that you are thankful for something that exists in your world puts your attitude on the right path, knowing that not everything is entitled to you, but appreciating what does come your way.
- Honesty / be open, to yourself and to others. That doesn’t mean going and telling other people all of your dirt or how you dont like something about them, but to approach life without the burden of distortion, No-one is perfect, no-one lives a perfect life, your flaws are what makes you real, people will respect honesty way more than a lie.
- Give / it really feels good to give, it can totally make someone else’s day and in turn can do the same for you, give a coffee, some loose change, a honest smile or hug to someone, and that little bit of positivity will resonate throughout their day and bounce around yours.
- Love / its what we’re all here for hey, to love & be loved. Its really a combination of all of the above, its where as a human and a living being we naturally resonate, its the meaning of life, it is life. If you want to say it, say it, dont hold it in, dont wait for tomorrow, its really the thing to do now, with love, everything gets better, everything grows, everything can switch from grey to a blast of colour.

It all sounds so simple writing it down, and really it is quite simple to apply in real life. Sometimes these things may require a bit of extra effort, and sometimes they will come quite naturally, but when they become a part of your daily habit you will find yourself operating in a more positive space, you will find peace, bliss and true happiness.

Bondi - A Blue and Gold Winters tale

We are all adrift,

lost at sea,
have faith in the ocean,
you will find land.

Bondi - Grey to Gold

What started out as a rainy miserable saturday ended up with some beautiful light, small clean waves, good heart filled smiles & stoked little crew! enjoy the rest of your weekend

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